Bethel Professional Services

Bethel Professional Services (BPS) is the authority on government related services that pertain to successfully running a company in the state of Qatar. Offering over 300 services relating to immigration, labour and licences, BPS is fully equipped to back your company during bureaucratic hurdles. In addition, BPS works closely with a variety of Qatari ministries including: Business and Trade, Interior, Labour, Justice and Foreign Affairs.

Our clients are both Qatari and foreign investors and we assist companies in a wide range of industries from Construction to Interior Design. The advantage BPS holds over many other companies in the field is their expertise and in-depth knowledge of the rules, regulations and procedures for each governing body in the region. 

With a decade of experience in this area, BPS personnel have key contacts and the know-how to manoeuvre within the system to perform quickly and efficiently.

BPS utilises specific software that houses extensive information, documents and timelines applying to each of their clients.  Through this system, efficient monitoring takes place to track up-coming renewals. This allows clients to manage administration with ease. 

BPS offers a cost effective and timely service with 24 hour support. For further information on the specific services that BPS provides, please contact us.